Children's Toys: Tips and Suggestions

Playtime is an important factor in the total development of children, an activity that boosts their creative abilities, social skills and learning skills. It promotes their social and emotional well being. Regardless of culture, race and religion, children played with different types of toys.

It is where they explore and discover new things around them.

Can you imagine what kind of life children would have without toys and games? Playing is one key component in their life that ensures their proper development.

Benefits of play to children:
1. It is important to children's healthy brain development.
2. It allows them to develop their imagination, dexterity, emotions and cognitive strength.
3. It helps them develop competence, enhance their resiliency and confidence needed in facing future challenges.
4. It enhances children's learning readiness, behaviors and problem-solving skills.
5. It helps them conquer their fears.

Because of its significance, it is your responsibility as parent to give them the right toys suitable for their age. Researchers found that children have different activities, such as running, crawling and walking, which help developed their gross motor skills and encouraged healthy development. They also discovered that play activities in preschool and school age developed their emotional, cognitive, social and physical growth.

By nature, they are inquisitive, they love to explore and to experiment. They used their senses to recognize hunger, pain, discomfort and happiness. They engaged in silly activities, like crawling, rolling, running and playing with different types of toys.

With the numerous toys sold in the market, you should be careful in choosing one due to the existence of low quality toys. Different types of toys are commercially available for different age groups.

Tips on how to buy the right toy for your child:

1. When buying toys for your child, you should look for those suitable for their age. Do not give infants and toddlers toys with small parts due to the danger of being swallowed.

2. Read the packaging instructions and review the warnings given. Make sure to understand them before using the toys. Be sure to read product labels carefully because it is where you find what materials these toys are made of, the age bracket that these toys are suitable for use and product warnings.

3. When buying educational toys, be sure to buy those with directions and rules.

4. If you buy soft, plush toys, be sure to keep them away from heat, such as fireplaces, heaters and stoves, because they catch fire easily, thereby risking your children to scalds and burns. Before paying toys in the cashier, double check for possible hazards, like broken pieces, sharp edges and broken pieces. Do not choose toys are weak or broken parts.

5. If want to buy ride toys for you child, make sure to choose those suitable for their age, abilities and size.

6. Be sure to choose toys that engage your child's passion and interest. Select those that boost their emotional, mental and physical development.

With the ideas and information mentioned below, now you know how important of toys to children.


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